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.x. This Is The Perefect Tragedy .x.

Imapled In The Stars 2.

.x. Justine Elizabeth .x.
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I’ve been hanging from dream to dream, but they seem to keep shattering like glass in a car crash… and I’m fading fast like music from a piano in the next room over… but my story hasn’t ended yet so don’t close the book.

This kiss, my kiss, your kiss is like holding one second in time for an eternity and it’s as romantic as lovers walking through the rain or a starlit evening sky shared by two…it’s like a fairytale or maybe a dream… but it has an ending better than any movie a theatre could ever play.

From photograph to photograph I see the story of our lives play out… from a song’s chorus to it’s verses I can hear our voices in the lyrics… from letters of the alphabet to words I can feel it all again in your letters… and I see the children now wasting away their youth much like we did… soon they’ll sit here and reminisce they way we are.

It’s not so bad… it never was… we just add our own drama to it all… too bad we never put that much effort into a school play… it doesn’t matter now though… “it’ll all work. You’ll see already. In the end it’s all nice…”

This is my static lullaby… my requiem for a dream… my song for broken hearts… my most beautiful mistake… my memory… my letters to you… and my good-bye.

But about me...I listen to alot of emo some punk and ska. I write alot of poetry and songs. I am a drummer. I love to party. Summer time is when I shine. I don't know what else to write so thats about it (other than some personal quotes and pictures).

I'm young and now is the time to make mistakes and learn what I like and what I dont like along with learning lessons. Now is the time to get into trouble because it won't have as harsh a punishment as it would in a few years. I'm just going to live life to the fullest and explore my every option.

If the stars are out all is well, and somewhere they are shining...

This is The Perfect Tragedy... and you and I, my friend, are quite lost inside the pages of it's story.